BreadcrumbsDefault bootstrap breadcrumbs component


With icon

TooltipsDefault bootstrap tooltip component

This is just an example of tooltip in a paragraph content written by Author. You can set the tooltip position easily withTooltip options.




Labels and BadgesExtended version of bootstrap labels & badges style
Type Label Badge
Default Default 26
Primary Primary 8
Success Success 2
Warning Warning 7
Danger Danger 3
PopoversDefault bootstrap popover component style

This is just an example of popover use in a paragraph content without a title written by Author, also you can set a popover trigger on hover event like this popover.

ImagesThese are the different images classes
Progress BarsDefault bootstrap progress bar component
Simple 40%
Striped 60%
Animated 70%
Stacked30% Complete (success)
20%20% Complete (info)
25%25% Complete (warning)
10%10% Complete (danger)